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Travel Isla Mujeres like a local! Jump on and jump off the island’s busses, Isleños Bus. With 2 routes across the island, each traveling to different parts of Isla Mujeres, this is a great and cheap way to explore and see Mexico’s Caribbean paradise. 


Are you coming off the ferry and wanting to head to Punta Sur to enjoy one of its stunning beach clubs for the day? If you’re in no rush to get to your destination on Isla Mujeres and want to save some money to enjoy an extra beer, why not hop onto an Isleños Bus to take you there?


 Isleños Bus is the island’s newest form of public transportation and its only bus company. 

They have 4 routes covering the island from the North End to Mid-Island, Punta Sur or Sac Bajo. Based next to Isla Mujeres’ Convention Centre, close to Playa Norte, the buses leave every 10 minutes, passing Playa Centro and stopping by the ferry terminal, before covering the rest of their route. If you are waiting for a bus along with one of their routes, you will need to be patient as they pass approximately every 20 minutes. 

Route information can be found below… 


When you jump on a bus, check with your driver to see if they pass your destination and you can pay for a single ticket from your location to your stop, or if you are planning on traveling more throughout the day, you can purchase an All Day Pass, their hop on hop off ticket ($7 USD), valid on any bus journey on that day, across the island, from 7AM - 9PM. Flag down an Isleños Bus bus from the main road, get on, pay and press the stop button or tell the driver when you want to get off. 


Isleños Bus buses run across the island from  7AM - 9PM (they are usually all returned to the station at 9PM so be sure to get on before 9PM).

All Day Bus Pass - Isleño Bus

All Day Bus Pass - Isleño Bus

Hop on and hop off the buses along the bus routes of Isla Mujeres, with the Isleños Bus All Day Pass. The All Day Pass is valid on any bus journey in a single day, across the island from 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM. With this pass you can see the whole of Isla Mujeres in one day ... travel from the bustling north end of the island to the picturesque south end of the island, and the island’s peninsula of Sac Bajo. Explore local, hidden treasures in the middle of the island with this great All Day Pass. Flag down a bus, show your wristband, and tell the driver your next stop.

General Info: Flag down the bus of your choice along one of the bus routes.

$7 All Day Pass

Per Person



Bus Route 1 Sac Bajo 

Wanting to visit a Zama Beach Club or the Ice Bar on the island’s peninsula of Sac Bajo? Or Maybe you want to take a trip to Isla’s Totuganja turtle farm. This is the route that you will need to take. This route goes along the main road (Avenida Rueda Medina) from Playa Norte, stopping at the Ultramar ferry terminal, and going straight down the Cancun side of the island, past Hacienda Mundaca and right at the roundabout and down to Sac Bajo, turning around at the end Sac Bajo, and following the same route back to downtown Isla Mujeres.  



Bus Route 2 Punta Sur

This is the only bus route that does a complete circle of the island from north to south and back. 

If you’re staying in an accommodation in Punta Sur, or are looking for a great Beach Club to spend the day, or if you want to visit the most southern point of the island, including some great photo opportunities at  Templo Ixchel and the lookout point at Garrafon, then this is the perfect route for you.

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