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For those seeking to maintain their fitness routines while enjoying a vacation or an extended stay on the island, a variety of well-equipped gyms are available to meet your needs. The island caters to all fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to continue your weight training regimen, join group exercise classes, Yoga, or simply stay active during your stay, this list has the gyms that promise to keep you fit and energized while you visit the Island.



Monday - Friday 5am - 10. 30 pm. Saturday 6 am- 3 pm


Iron Abs Gym

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CrossKim Galaxy

Isla Mujeres is the perfect destination for a


Ripped Centaurus Gym

The only gym with airconditioning.


Island Yoga

Treat yourself..


Outside Gyms

Explore the se.



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Workout at Las Hamacas

Get fit and fabulous for your beach vacation on Isla Mujeres! Las Hamacas' "Wood" gym provides a unique opportunity to channel your inner caveman with its primitive equipment. Burn some calories amidst breathtaking views, then reward yourself from the island's renowned selection of Tacos & Tequila - you deserve it!


Yoga at Treehouse

Discover tranquility and inner serenity with a yoga session at magnificent Treehouse! Begin the day spectacularly as you practice among stunning Mexican beaches for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy peaceful mornings surrounded by nature's beauty, free from crowds or noisy vessels - only peace and sunrise rays to greet your morning workout in paradise.

Paddleboard / Kayak

Make a splash on your vacation and explore Playa Norte from the crystal blue waters! Paddleboard or kayak for an exciting adventure, with safety buoy lines to keep you in check. Take advantage of MIA Reef Hotels' day pass which includes rentals - get ready to jump right into pure tropical bliss!

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