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Crossing over from Cancun to Isla Mujeres is easier than ever, with three ferry companies transporting visitors throughout the day, every day from different areas in Cancun.


Ultramar company is the main passenger ferry company in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. Ultramar began operation from the popular Cancun ferry terminal, Puerto Juarez, which is the biggest ferry terminal in Cancun, transporting visitors to Isla Mujeres. They also have ferries transporting passengers from Cancun’s Hotel Zone to Isla Mujeres, as well as a Cargo Ferry shipping cars, vehicles, as well as important supplies and more across each day.


Puerto Juárez – Isla Mujeres

If you are traveling from Cancun airport or the ADO bus station in Cancun, you will most likely be transported by your transfer company (see options here) or taxi to Puerto Juarez ferry terminal. From here ferries leave every 30 minutes during peak hours until 6PM, after 6PM they leave every hour until 11PM from Puerto Juarez to the island. The last ferry crosses back to Cancun from Isla Mujeres at 12AM.


This is the most popular and busy ferry terminal, with the ferry only taking 18 minutes to cross. You can occasionally enjoy live music on the top floor of the smaller ferries, or on the middle floor of the larger ferries. There are different sizes of ferry running on this route, the larger has three floors, while the smaller has two floors. Ultramar has ferries with both indoor and outdoor seating.


Hotel Zone – Isla Mujeres

With two ferry terminals in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, Playa Tortugas, KM 6.5 in the Hotel Zone, and Playa Caracol KM 9.5 in the Hotel Zone, Ultramar’s ferries make it easier for you to visit Isla Mujeres for a daytrip, or from your hotel in the Hotel Zone.


With limited schedules, these ferries do not run as often and they also take a little longer than the ones that from Puerto Juarez, they are also a little more expensive. These ferries are only Ultramar's two floor ferries, with both indoor and outdoor seating.


Cargo Ferry. Punta Sam – Isla Mujeres

If you are planning on bringing a vehicle over to Isla Mujeres, whether it is a hired car or motorbike, you will need to take the Ultramar Carga ferry. This ferry crosses from Punta Sam in Cancun to Isla Mujeres, just in front of the entrance of the island’s unused airport strip.


This ferry runs on a very limited schedule from 7AM from Punta Sam, with the last crossing at 5:30 PM Monday – Friday, and earlier on Saturday and Sunday. This crossing takes a different route from all other crossings, and usually takes approximately 45 minutes. You can get out of your vehicle and go up to the deck for some cool breezes, or sit inside in their indoor seating area.


Opened in December 2021 by the Xcaret Group, who are known for their adventure parks in the Riviera Maya. Xcaret Xailing is the most recent way of traveling to Isla Mujeres from Cancun.



With a schedule running from 9AM to 7PM from Cancun’s popular Hotel Zone area, from the ferry terminal named, Embarcadero, this is a great and a cheaper option for those staying in the Hotel Zone to visit the island for a daytrip, with return ferries to Cancun until 8PM.


It is a great option for those as well as those who are spending time in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, before moving to stay in Isla Mujeres. The ferry terminal is located at KM 4.5 in the Hotel Zone.

The tickets for these large ferries, with both inside and outdoor seating to enjoy the turquoise blues of the bay as you cross to Isla Mujeres and back, also include a trip to the top of the scenic viewing tower in Cancun’s Hotel Zone at the ferry terminal. This trip takes 30 minutes both ways. 


Opened in 2021, Jetway ferry company is the most economical way of traveling between Isla Mujeres and Cancun, with smaller ferries transporting people back and fourth. 




Also leaving from Cancun’s Puerto Juarez area, but from a different ferry terminal is the Jetway ferry. With an almost hourly schedule from 6:30AM – 9PM, they have smaller ferries, with both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as some ferries with no outdoor seating at all. 


Go private! Skip the lines, crowds and make your own schedule with a private boat transfer between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. Available 24/7 for those later arrivals, or earlier departures to and from the island, this is a more luxurious option than taking the ferries across and could even be a cheaper option then taking the ferry when you are traveling with a group.



Take a private boat transfer from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, and/or return. 

With the private boat transfer you will be picked up from the airport or your hotel by a private van, and then brought to the marina in Cancun, where the boat captain will pick you up and bring you directly to Isla Mujeres, or the opposite way from Isla Mujeres to Cancun.


The price is included a private pickup from the airport or where you are staying in Cancun, $220 USD for a one-way transfer, price 1-8 people, however, additional people can be added for an extra cost. Skip the lines and crowds, and travel in style. this transfer in total with a van and the boat will take you approximately 1 hour - 1.5 hours.

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