Whether you're a pro or a newbie, stand-up paddle boarding is a must on Isla Mujeres. Isla Mujeres offers some of the calmest and most crystal-clear waters in all of Mexico, making it the ideal place to try it. Sit or stand on the board, and paddle out as a work out, a way to relax, or to reach cool snorkeling spots.



This is the cheapest option, though it can be a little more time consuming. First you take an ADO bus from the airport (look for signs as you're walking out), to the station in downtown Cancun. The bus is air conditioned and currently priced at about $5USD per person. From the bus station, you have a few options. You can find a local taxi and haggle a price to the ferry, should be another few dollars total, not per person. Alternatively, you can find a convi (minivan) or local bus that goes to the ferry which costs about $0.50USD per person. It's about a 10 minute ride from the ADO station to the ferry terminal. 


This is a much simpler option, and you can book a round trip ticket back to the airport. You can pre-book online or once you arrive at the airport​. They can also include the ferry ticket in the price, to make your experience easier. All you do is look for the uniformed driver holding a sign with your name and enjoy the ride. The average drive from the airport to the ferry is about 25 minutes without traffic.

3. Ferry

The most popular ferry company to get to the island is UltraMar which leaves from Puerto Juarez in downtown Cancun. The ride is about 20 minutes long and they leave every thirty minutes during peak hours, once an hour at night. To see the schedule, click HERE. They are very punctual, so make sure you get there a few minutes early to buy a ticket. Buying the round trip option may not save you any money, put it will save you time on your return to not have to wait in line to buy a ticket again. 



You've got a few options to reach the ferry if it's not within walking distance to your hotel. First, you can ask your resort if they happen to offer a shuttle service to reach the terminal. If they don't, the easiest way is to take a taxi. Prices can vary depending on how far you are from the terminal. You can have your front desk call for one or stand on the main road and one will stop shortly. Make sure you agree on a price before getting in. Prices should be for the ride, not per person. The second option is to take the city bus. Depending on where you're staying, you should be able to take the R1 or R2 buses to reach the terminal. Ask at your front desk to make sure you take it in the right direction! About $0.75USD per person.


There are two ferry stations in the hotel zone. Lock at THIS map to find the closest one to you. They are both run by the same company, UltraMar.