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Are you a fan of Asian food, and looking for something different? Check out Maki Maki Chefcito, available on the island for delivery only. This delicious Chinese and Japanese food option available on Isla Mujeres, is a wonderful choice for those looking to dine in, in their vacation rental or hotel room. Enjoy an order of different sushi's at your pool party, relax in front of a movie on a rainy evening with a selection of Chinese dishes, or avoid the hustle and bustle of going out for dinner and each order something different or a combo to share.

If you are a sushi lover don’t miss Maki Maki, with a selection of over 20 different rolls as well as special combo platters and also catering for special events. Other dishes available on Maki Maki Chefcito’s menu are ramen and miso soup, spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken, chop suey, yakisoba, teriyaki and more...


Pro Tip

Get a selection of different rolls to share with your friends around your vacation rental pool.


Location & Hours


3PM - 10PM

+52 998 236 5495

Delivery to your location on the island, Isla Mujeres. 

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