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Fresh and delicious batches of pan dulce (sweet bread), pastries, and breads are served up daily at Panaderia Carmita! Be sure to get yours to enjoy with an afternoon coffee or a hot chocolate.

With years of experience serving Isla Mujeres, making delicious baked goods every day starting from 5PM, you will want to be sure to get there quickly for the extra warm and fresh batch! Hurry as they sell out fast! Located mid-island, on the same street as Taqueria Erika and Coral’s Frappes, you can get some delicious bread and empanadas from just 6 MXN pesos (around 0.25 USD). They have a great variety, you can get some fresh garlic bread to put with your dinner, or some yummy pastries from breakfast the next day.

Hurry! They close when they sell out!

Gallery & Menu

Pro Tip

Make sure to swing by at 5PM or just after to get that extra warm and fresh batch!

Location & Hours

5:00PM - 11:00PM*
*Closed once they sell out
Call Ahead to Reserve your pickup

+52 998 419 9228

Jesús Martínez Ross 783, Meteorológico, Isla Mujeres, Q.R.

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