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5 Reasons to Order Food Delivery on Isla Mujeres

Vacationing on Isla Mujeres and looking for easy dining options? Why not order food with Taste of Isla Delivery? Your choice of food or beverage, fresh from your favorite restaurant, and direct to your vacation rental on the island.

With Taste of Isla Delivery, you have snacks, appetizers, dinner, desserts, and beverages from a range of Isla Mujeres' best restaurants at your fingertips. You can order anything you would like, from pizza to hamburgers, pasta to seafood, grilled meats and steak to sushi and raw bar items, tacos to soups, salads, and so much more from the menus of a range of popular restaurants on the island.

Restaurants that have their menus available for delivery from 4 PM - 10 PM with Taste of Isla Delivery include - Mariscos de Humo, Tacos de Humo, Sushi by Limon, Caribbean Garden, Caribbean Brisas, Tiny Gecko, Pizza Mike's, Isla Burger, Javi's Cantina, Mama Rosa, Marina Bartolome, and Yiron.

While on vacation there may be several reasons that you prefer not to eat out downtown, or at one of the restaurants in the middle of the island, you may also not want to cook for yourself (you are after all on vacation and taking a break from the norm at home). Maybe you want to still have your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant on Isla Mujeres but in the comfort of your hotel room or vacation home. Here are some reasons why you should order food for your vacation rental, home, or hotel room with Taste of Isla Delivery ...

1. Weather -

When you think of an island in Mexico's Caribbean, you probably think of year-round sunshine and hot weather. While Isla Mujeres does benefit from this great weather (most of the time), it also gets days of rain, which means that you may not want to venture out for dinner. Avoid the wet weather, or even cool off from the humid and hot summer evenings, and opt for a night-in, with dinner at your vacation rental.

Get some delicious comfort food - enjoy a pizza with your family from Pizza Mike's such as the BBQ chicken pizza, a delicious hamburger from Isla Burger such as the fiesta burger, or maybe taco loco from Tacos de Humo.

2. Lazy, Cozy Night In -

Looking for a relaxed evening at home with your other half, your friends or family, or even by yourself? Why not order in and snuggle up with a movie on the TV? Enjoy a candle-lit dinner at your vacation rental's dining table, next to your pool, on your sofa, or have dinner in bed.

Enjoy a romantic rib eye steak dinner with a dessert of cheesecake from Marina Bartolome, or delicious lasagna from Mama Rosa. Indulge in the delicious and popular chicken pita and some nachos from Yiron as you have a self-care night, in your hotel room.

3. No Drink Driving -

Have you had a day by the pool with a few drinks? Maybe you have been at one of the island's bars and you are now looking for food. Isla Mujeres has zero tolerance for drink driving, so why not avoid driving to and from restaurants and get something delivered straight to your door with Taste of Isla Delivery? You can also get a bottle of wine, some beers, or your choice of liquor from Tiny Gecko to enjoy with your coconut shrimp and salmon from Caribbean Garden, for an extra restaurant dining experience.

4. Undecisive Group -

If you are a group of friends, a family, or a larger group but can't decide on a restaurant to dine you can order with Taste of Isla Delivery from different restaurants, and it will all be delivered in one order to your vacation rental, so that you and your group can dine together, and everyone is happy. (There is a minimum order of $15 per restaurant).

You can enjoy a filet mignon from Caribbean Brisas while your other half has a paella from Los Mariscos de Humo. If you are a larger group you can get a selection of sushis from Sushi by Limon, and get something unique like the lionfish tiradito (thin slices of lionfish) from Marina Bartolome.

5. Location, Location, Location -

In Punta Sur and Sac Bajo, there are not many dining options at night, and even though Isla Mujeres is only 5 miles long, Punta Sur and Sac Bajo can seem like such a distance from the island's downtown and mid-island area. Taste of Isla Delivery will bring your favorite dish from your restaurant choice to any location on the island! If you're staying at a condo in Punta Sur, or a private home in Punta Sur, Taste of Isla Delivery can deliver parmesan crusted chicken breast and Hawaiian seared tuna from Javi's Cantina with a bottle of red wine from Tiny Gecko (both in the island's downtown), to your door.

Check out the menus of Taste of Isla Delivery for yourself, and order today, or during your next stay on Isla Mujeres!

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