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On Isla Mujeres, we are lucky enough to have some of the best chefs from all over the world. Chefs who are ready to cook for your special event, wedding, party or just for a delicious meal in the comfort of your accommodation rental during your visit to Isla Mujeres! Experience the fantastic taste and skills that Isla Mujeres' Private Chefs bring to the table! They can cater to your specific needs, with flavors that you and your party will enjoy.



Enjoy Mexico & do not worry about getting ready and finding breakfast in the morning, Taste of Isla will bring it to you! Enjoy the beautiful views at your location while having a private chef create a breakfast while you relax and enjoy the sun's early rays.  You can then enjoy a traditional American Breakfast with a flair of Mexico. You can also try a mouth watering breakfast dish that you may have never tried before, prepared with local spices and produce! ​From Smoothies to Breakfast Chilaquiles we have something for everyone.

Coffee, Fresh Fruit

Pancakes, Eggs Benedict

Green Chilaquiles with Chicken & more

Prices start from $28 per person.


When in Mexico do as the Mexicans do and enjoy a selection of mouth watering Mexican dishes that you may have never tried before, prepared with local spices and produce! Or if you have been out exploring and eating Mexican food already during your stay on the island, and you want to try something a little different, our chef can also create you a yummy seafood selection, or even a fun pizza party.

Taco Party, a Seafood Festival, Mexican Dinner,

and Pizza Festa

Prices start from $28 per person.


Have you ever wanted to have your own personal sushi buffet experience? Whether it be for your wedding, birthday, or simply to enhance your tropical Isla Mujeres getaway at your vacation rental, we can help you make it happen. Either pick out which kind of rolls you would like prepared or ask the chef to get creative and make the whole sushi journey for you.

Prepared live in-person for the freshest rolls and doneso to your serving preference, either one-by-one as each roll is completed or as an all-at-once dining experience.

Prices start from $39 per person.


Specializing in gluten and vegan dishes, Chef Consu private chef investigates different flavors and farm to table recipes from around the world, primarily created using fresh fruit, vegetables, and plant-based produce.

If you’re hosting a private party or event during your stay on Isla Mujeres but are looking for a private chef that can cater to your special dietary requirements, look no further than Chef Consu