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On our Home Page we have a category called “Featured”. Here you can have a Home Page Slot. 


From our Home Page visitors, the businesses in Featured are the only visible businesses on this page, the other blocks on our Home Page which can be seen are categories. 


Menu,  additionally your business will be added to the menu dropdown under Featured, Also these are the only visible Businesses in the menu, the other items are categories.



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Stand out from the crowd and get noticed on Taste of Isla! The Home Page Slider Banner is the first image visitors will see when they enter the Taste of Isla Home Page.


There are 3 Home Page Slider Banners available, Home page Slider Banner 1 is the first banner you see when you open the homepage, Slider Banner 2, the second image, Slider Banner 3 as third. 


Home Page Slider Banner 1  - 250 USD per month now 50% off 125 USD per month.

Home Page Slider Banner 2 -  160 USD per month now 50% off   80 USD per month.

Home Page Slider Banner 3 -    90 USD per month now 50% off   45 USD per month.


Other advertising possibilities: 

Check out our package deal pay 120 USD and get worth of 405 USD Advertising


Check out our Category advertising possibilities


Check out our Branded email option. 

Home Page Advertising

$250.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
  • Taste of Isla will contact you after you purchased to confirm images, logo's and advertising Month(s). If chosen Month(s) are not available, another month will be discussed or you get a refund.