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IslaBooth - 3hrs

Reserve Islabooth for your next event, Small to Large parties, weddings, anniversaries let's capture all the perfect moments with the people you love. 


Want to make the event more memorable for your guest and attendees, well with IslaBooth you can capture those moments and the love in the air at any event. The color changes to match any color style and photos being high resolutions for best quality photos.

Islabooth is perfect to capture those up close small or large groups. With an attendee working the Islabooth you never have to worry about finding the photographer to take capture the right moment. 

Once the photo is captured you can see it in real-time via the LCD screen on the side panel. 


SEASON: All Year

CAPACITY: All Group Size  


SERVICE: Anytime 

LOCATION: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

MEET UP: Your Location

IslaBooth - 3Hrs

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