Island Bracelet With Turquoise – Hammered


This is our hammered island bracelet with turquoise howlite. This bracelet is made by hand and inlaid with turquoise howlite. Turquoise is thought to encourage healing and provide protection from external stresses and negative energy. This piece represents the calming and rejuvenating effect that Isla Mujeres has on your body and soul.


Important: If you have particularly small wrists (<6in), we wouldn’t recommend purchasing a bracelet with an inlay as these can become displaced when over-molded to fit smaller wrists. Alternatively, bracelets with inlay can be worn loose on smaller wrists.


Delivery Information

Insurance is included in the delivery cost.


Please Note: We now have a distributor within the US, allowing us to lower our shipping costs to our US and Canada customers. 



We deliver via DHL to anywhere in Mexico for a flat rate charge of $9.99USD


USA & Canada

We deliver to the US ($9.99 USD) and Canada ($9.99 USD). Shipments are made as quickly as possible (Max 25 days). 


Isla Mujeres Pick Up

If you are visiting Isla Mujeres and would like to arrange to pick up in person we can arrange that for you on Isla.

Island Bracelet With Turquoise – Hammered