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Pocna Dive Center Swim School


Pocna Dive Center is the only dive center on Isla Mujeres that offers activities and educational courses for babies, children and adults alike, as well as PADI professionals looking to develop their career in diving. Whether it’s the first plunge into the water or an advanced PADI specialty course, there is something for everyone. Pocna’s Swim School teaches those from the age of 6 months upwards safe practices in the water - starting within the safe bounds of a swimming pool and gently nurturing their love for the open ocean.


SEASON: March-December



SERVICE: Monday - Thursday *Depends on Experience

PREREQUISITES: No Experience Required

MEET UP: POCNA Dive Center Offices


Swim School 

Per class - $16

Per month (2 classes per week) - $88

Per month (1 class per week) - $55

Private lessons - $22

Babies Tuesday 4.30pm and Thursday 4.30pm

Beginners Monday 3.30pm and Wednesday 3.30pm

Intermediate Monday 5.30pm and Wednesday 5.30pm

Adult Tuesday 5.30pm and Thursday 5.30pm



*If want more than 1x class change in quantity*


Cancellation Policy - Click Here

Swim School - Pocna Dive Center

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