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Tequila or Mezcal Tasting Cruise - Private - Deposit Only


GUESTS: Max. 4 Guests. Each additional person after 4  guests is $50 USD.  


SERVICE: Everyday for sunset (we will let you know the starting time, depending on the season).


Qty = 1 - For one 4-hour private tasting (1-4 people).


Remaining Amount ($395 USD) - to be paid on the day of the trip.


For this trip to leave from Cancun there is an additional charge of $90USD.


This Tequila or Mezcal tasting cruise offers the chance to learn about the historical Mexican tradition of ritualistic drinks (Tequila or Mezcal) while cruising on a private boat in the Caribbean and enjoying a stunning sunset. This 4-hour tour on a roomy private boat gives you the chance to sample either Tequila or Mezca with either four premium Tequilas or four Mezcals. Your guide will explain the ancestral drinks (Tequila or Mezcal), how it is made, how it should be drunk, and how to pair it with different fruits and foods. Each sample will be paired with an array of sweet and savory snacks, from fruits to traditional grasshoppers, agave worms, and salts all while cruising on the Caribbean, with a gorgeous sunset as your backdrop.


Cancellation Policy - Click Here

Tequila or Mezcal Tasting Cruise - Private - Deposit Only

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