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Keep yourself healthy and our marine life.


Wing Diving loves Whalesharks that is why our official sun protective clothing is with Whalesharkprint.


Most sunscreens are very damaging to the marine life and kills our corals. 


Sun protective clothing is also more effective then sunscreen because you can’t sweat it off, you dont need to reapply after swimming, or forget to reapply every few hours. Even the best sunscreen, applied perfectly doesn’t block as much UVA and UVB as our great rashguards or our facial protection!! Also, it saves time and is less expensive in the long run.


Protect the marine life, corals and your skin with our new UV protective Rash guards and buffs, while snorkeling, diving, fishing or of course Wing Diving ! Get yours now!

UV Protection
Cold Protection
Wind Protection

Whale Shark Pattern Buff

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