Some of the Street Art Warriors of Isla Mujeres who are beautification of the island with the colors and arts!! 



Niz is a female stencil artist from Lima, Peru. Her art can be described as mythical realism infused with urban grit. She got her start in the world of hip hop and skateboarding, painting grip tape and used skateboards and now travels The Americas painting street art and murals. Niz is passionate about issues pertaining to human consciousness and Latino culture, which are reflected in her work. Niz currently resides between Austin, TX and the Yucatan, MX.

Isla was the place that made me fall in love with the Yucatan. When I am on the Island I have a deep sense that I belong there. I love the way nature and humans intertwine on the Island and of course the awe inspiring beauty of it. I consider Isla my second home and a place where I can find a reknewing connection to the Ocean and to release my ego and move more in tune with the flow of life:)

Piece 1 - La Tortuga - Turtles have had a place in my heart since I was a kid and went to a turtle farm for the first time. I feel like they are my brothers and sisters lol and am deeply protective of them. I find they're impeccable sense of direction and place inspiring and often refer to that ability when I am feeling lost in life.

Piece 2 - Luna Llena en Sac Bajo - There is nothing more beautiful than a sunset on a full moon on Isla. This is a reference to that and to a painting I did at Cristalmar Hotel a while ago where I became connected to alot of amazing people on the island.




Barbara is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist. She was born in Entre Ríos, Argentina, but it has been 12 years since she started her journey around the world, touring different countries in America, Europe and Africa with her art, participating in Festivals and Muralism Encounters, exhibitions, imparting community mural workshops and taking classes with various artists around the world, enriching her knowledge and exchanging culture,
coexistence and artistic experiences.


Her themes vary according to the place where she is treading, different cultures, social issues, the empowerment of women, the protection of the environment and nature as a heroine. Her mission is to make art available to everyone, that is why she chooses the mural as a means of expression. In addition to muralism in painting, mosaic, cement relief, she also dabbles in tattooing, linoleum engraving, easel painting and lately experimenting with utilitarian and sculptural ceramics. Although she is always on the move, her residence and her heart are in Mexico ... "In Mexico I found my wings"

Piece 1 & 2 - For me, Isla Mujeres welcomed me to Mexico, the place that received me and where I left the first mural in these lands 12 years ago. Here I asked Goddess Ixchel for permission and I appreciated the opportunity to be able to do what I like and share it. Although I have painted in several states of Mexico, Isla Mujeres has been the place where I have left the most works. The energy of this island touches my soul and renews me, it never lets go of my hand
and protects me. With my murals I try to send a message to value the island, take care of the sea and be aware of the garbage and the negative effect on the beings of the sea and towards ourselves, because we are part of the whole.

"Art, Love and Freedom"