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If you and your friends can’t decide between Mexican food or pizza, then why not check out Tonicho’s? This local Mexican restaurant is a hidden gem, located just down the road from the Super Aki in the mid-island neighborhood of La Gloria.

They pride themselves on having ‘the original Mexican flavor’, with a menu consisting of some Mexican favorites such as, great tacos, tortas (sandwiches), amazing salsas to put on top, as well as the fantastic hamburgers and pizzas. They have a separate pizza menu, with creative and Mexican inspired pizzas available, alongside classic pizza flavors.

The food on offer is unique, highly recommended by the locals here on Isla Mujeres, due to the delicious flavors, and great value, along with wonderful service. They are also available for delivery!

Gallery & Menu

Pro Tip

The El Pastor Pizza will surprise you with its unique and delicious flavors!

Location & Hours

6:30PM - 1:30AM

+52 998 888 0550

Av. Isla Contoy, La Gloria, Isla Mujeres, Q.R.

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