Taste of Isla Table Reservation Information

Taste of Isla, mainly a restaurant based website is getting a lot of requests from visitors to make reservations online. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for reservations at restaurants and bars has increased, with capacity limits on the number of people allowed in establishments and in a party at a table causing people to plan ahead.

Taste of Isla are providing an online table reservation service with great benefits for businesses like yours here on Isla Mujeres! Get free marketing and increased table reservations with us!

Here at Taste of Isla we will take care of the guest’s online table reservation at your business, and follow up with you and them to make sure that there are no errors. We will confirm the reservation with the guest once they have filled out our online form, and they confirmed the table reservation by paying a $2.99 USD service fee (our fee), our team will then follow up with you and the guest to make sure that everything is confirmed.

Taste of Isla will take a 10% commission of the total final bill from any guest reservation of groups of 8 or more people, after the reservation has ended. Under 8 people Taste of Isla is only taking the 2.99 USD service fee that the guest is paying. A member of the Taste of Isla team will work closely with your business to confirm and follow up on each step of the table reservation.


Marketing & Promoting the Online Form with Participating Restaurants

  • Here at Taste of Isla, we will add you to our online table reservation service form as an option for guests to choose from when reserving a table. We will use all of our networks and marketing channels to promote our online table reservation service, where visitors can fill out the online form and reserve a table with one of the participating restaurants to dine at.

Reservation Confirmations

  • With our online reservation system, we will capture the guest’s chosen participating restaurant to dine at, the type of reservation (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Private Event), the group size, time, and date, and if there are any special requests or allergies from guests for table reservations of 2+.

  • When guests make a reservation on Taste of Isla they will be charged $2.99 USD service fee.

  • Taste of Isla will confirm with the guest and the chosen restaurant on the day that the reservation is made. We will also confirm a day before with both parties to double-check the reservation.

  • Taste of Isla takes 10% commission from the restaurant the final bill for any reservation they make for groups of 8 or more people.

Why Join us?

Get More Reservations...

  • Being featured on our online reservation system means that you will get more reservations from guests who are looking to dine out on Isla Mujeres. 


Free Marketing through Taste of Isla’s Online Reservation System

  • Here at Taste of Isla we will feature our online table reservation system and the participating restaurants for free on our networks and marketing channels, giving the participating restaurants more exposure.

How do you become a Participating Restaurant in our Online Reservation System?

Provide Contact Details 

  • To make the reservation with your business we will need the contact information of a member of staff who will be in charge of making the reservation at the restaurant (name, phone number/Whatsapp, and email address). This person will be available to give us confirmation of the reservations and will be our first point of contact for any reservation that comes through on our system and will understand our terms and conditions. 

Sign a Contract with Taste of Isla 

  • Your business will sign a contract with Taste of Isla agreeing on our terms and conditions for being featured on our online table reservation system.

How It Works

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