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Taste of Isla Origins

Taste of Isla was born in 2018, in the mind of a foodie who decided to pack up his life and move to Isla Mujeres, after falling in love with the island on a day trip. Taste of Isla started primarily as a small website based on Isla Mujeres’ restaurants. The founder’s extensive “research” of eating out everyday and his programming experience came together to bring visitors to Isla Mujeres, the original Taste of Isla site, taking them on a tasty journey around the island, exploring some delicious places to eat out.

Who Are We?

Taste of Isla has grown from a small, independent project from the founder into a large website, with a shop, and a team of residents based on Isla Mujeres, working to provide a vast array of local knowledge of the island and its businesses. Who better to recommend you a trip, a great restaurant, accommodation or a wonderful little shop than the locals that live on island?

We are now providing all businesses old and new, on Isla Mujeres, with a platform to exhibit what they have to offer to visitors coming to the island.


Why Are We Doing This?

The mission of the original site was to give visitors a place where they could find the best possible food experiences on Isla Mujeres, while also bringing attention to smaller, local restaurants that may not be able to afford marketing or were too busy to worry about a website. Since then, the original Taste of Isla site has grown vastly from a small restaurant-based website, into an all round platform, showcasing different businesses on the island from restaurants, to rental accommodations, bars, to boutiques, unique tours, to the island’s first online shop, with stunning, handmade local arts and crafts. We pride ourselves in helping small businesses, local independent artists and unique ideas to come to life on our site, by displaying them to the world.

Where Are We Going?

The future's looking bright for Taste of Isla as our partnerships with vendors and businesses continue to grow into a bigger platform, providing all visitors from around the world with a space to explore and plan out their vacation on the island with more confidence.


Our goal is to connect Isla Mujeres’ visitors with the vendors, and to have a full first hand experience, beginning in Isla Mujeres… one town/city at a time.

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