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Do you want an extra pair of hands during your beach day, pool day, boat day or at an event like a wedding?

Or maybe you just want to take the day or night off to go for dinner or drinks without the child(ren)?


Our experienced babysitter with high recommendations, Erica, 29, from Minnesota US was a full-time nanny for over 5 years for two girls (ages 6 and 8) in the US before she moved to Isla Mujeres to babysit here. Erica is experienced with babies, she can babysit multiple children at once, if the group is bigger or asking more attention she will bring a second babysitter, she offers to your needs.


Erica is good with children in the water, can teach them how to swim or take them out of the house as well to do an activity.

If you want to book Erica as your babysitter, don't hesitate to book her as she can only take one babysitting job at once and she will be happy to have a facetime call with you to introduce herself.

*If Erica is booked we will do our best to accommodate you with another experienced babysitter.


Ages from newborn until 14 years
Available: 24/7 upon availability

Reserve ahead, Isla Babysitting can become fully booked quickly, especially in our high season.

 20  USD per hour - 1-2kids
25  USD per hour - 3 kids 
30  USD per hour - 4 kids

35  USD per hour - 5 kids
40  USD per hour - 6 kids


Pro Tip

Take the night off while Erica is taking care of your child(ren)

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