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Take an adventure into Isla Mujeres’ stunning underwater world. A snorkel trip is a must while you are visiting Isla Mujeres, as the sea life should not be missed! Explore the amazing coral reefs and beautiful, colorful fish in the crystal-clear waters that surround this spectacular island in the Caribbean, with its 3 main snorkel spots.  


 You will be taken to your boat to start your journey into viewing Isla’s underwater life. Once on your trip, you will stop at the 3 main snorkel spots.

1. El Farito (The Lighthouse) is a great, shallow spot for beginners, with little swimming needed. This nice and easy location requires little effort, you will float along the reef, taking in the beautiful sights. 

2. Manchones Reef is Isla Mujeres’ breathtaking living reef with stunning colorful spectacles to be viewed of the marine life in these turquoise blue waters.

3. The world-famous MUSA (Museo Sub Acuático de Arte), Isla Mujeres’ underwater museum, is the last snorkel spot on this wonderful trip. Explore the incredible sculptures, which have been placed around Isla Mujeres, underwater, to promote coral life, and demonstrate the interaction between art and environmental science. 

Once you have visited the 3 snorkel spots, you will be taken to Playa Tiburon, (lunch here is optional) where you can relax, enjoy the beach area, while you wait for the local and traditional Tikin-Xic style fresh fish on offer to satisfy your hunger. 


SNORKEL - Shared Tour

Take an adventure into Isla Mujeres’ underwater world! Explore 3 different snorkel sites! Enjoy a great trip, in the stunning waters surrounding the island. 


SEASON: All year around

CAPACITY: 12 Guest *Max Per Boat

DURATION: Approx 4 hours

SERVICE: Everyday 10:30AM

FOOD: Tikin-Xic Style Fish 

BEVERAGES: Water, Soda Available *extra cost

LOCATION: Isla Mujeres, Mexico



SNORKEL - Private (up to 6 people) 

A private tour option is available for you and your friends or family, there is a maximum capacity of 12 people for a private snorkel trip!

The cost of a private trip is $350 USD for 1 – 6 people. After 6 people there is an extra cost per person, which is an additional $60 USD per person.


SEASON: All Year

CAPACITY: 6 Guest (6+ pay extra)

DURATION: Approx 4 hours

SERVICE: Everyday 7:00AM

FOOD: Tikin-Xic Style Fish Available 

BEVERAGES: Waters & Soda 

LOCATION: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

$350 (up to 6 persons)




Full snorkel gear is provided,  this includes a mandatory life jacket, fins, mask, and a snorkel. 



Captain and certified guide will help you to with anything that you will need throughout the trip and are there to ensure your safety as well to provide you with great service and an unforgettable day. 

Image by Sebastian Coman Travel


Wear (biodegradable) sunscreen and or a rashguard.
Wear a hat and sunglasses.

Bring a towel and your underwater camera.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q. How long is the ride from Isla Mujeres to the first snorkel spot?

A. The first snorkel spot is close to the place where we leaving from we can be there in 10 minutes. The furthest snorkel spot is a maximum 40 minutes ride with the boat. It all depends on the water conditions.

Q. Do we have space to leave our bag on the boat?

A. There is storage on the boat to leave your luggage. We do recommend only taking whatever you going to need for the trip.

Q. What is there to see on this snorkel trip?

A. There are lots of colorful fish, you will see the statues in the underwater museum and if you are lucky you can see Turtles, StingRays, Lobsters, Octopus and other underwater life.

Q. How much of an experienced swimmer you need to be in order to take this snorkel trip?

A. You don't need to be an experienced swimmer. You will have to wear a lifejacket (mandatory) and the guide always has a bouy where you can hang on and he or she can take you around. The snorkel spots are very easy and beautiful.