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Wing Diving is safe for kids, adults, and anyone who can swim. It requires zero knowledge, anyone can master it in minutes! You have your own Subwing and you decide the speed, depth, and the number of seconds underwater.

After a 15 minute training, you will jump on the boat. We will leave with the boat from Isla Mujeres and go 15 minutes out. When you are ready you will go in the water with an instructor. You will be in the water behind our boat and grab the board. You can snorkel fast without swimming and just enjoy it. When you get comfortable with the board you can start to play. You will fly twice during this tour (2x 25/30 minutes). How long the tour will take depends on the number of people on board [2,5 – 3,5]

• New Unique Watersport • Easy For Anyone • Go In Groups

• Master This Sport Within Minutes • Make It Extreme or Relaxing • Get Your Underwater Footage (video + pictures)

Media packages to upgrade your tour:

Rent A Mount $5 USD

Rent a mount that fits the wing to record with your own underwater camera. It has the regular mount for GoPro’s and other similar underwater cameras.

*At owner's risk. We are not responsible for any (water) damage or loss of your underwater camera.

Edited Footage $95 USD

Get your Underwater flight recorded and get an edited underwater video of the best clips of your Wing Dives + at least 10 underwater pictures. You will receive a link where you can download all your footage. Share with 1-4 people for this price.

Shared Footage $65 USD

Get your Underwater flight recorded and get a shared edited underwater video of the best clips of your Wing Dives + at least 10 underwater pictures each. Share with 2-4 people

Wing Diving Tour

Wing Diving Tour

Fly like a dolphin underwater, in the crystal clear waters of Isla Mujeres with this fun watersport! Perform impressive tricks that you can master in minutes, take a group flight with your loved ones, or simply relax on the surface for an easy, enjoyable glide.

General Info: The tour duration is approximately 2.5 - 3.5 hours, and it goes out everyday at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Water and beer are included, and you can include a media package with your tour. The meet-up location is Skull's Landing on Isla Mujeres.

$85 Per Person


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All the gear is provided and included in the price. You wear tight swimwear or a rashguard and bring a towel.

Need a Rashguard?

Visit Our Shop Store

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Waters are provided and a beer for when you finished

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Our Captian and Wing Dive Guide will assist you in all need on the boat and assist you setup/getting back on the boat and hand you a cold one after. Any questions you might have our guide is there to assist and help you have better trip


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First we will have a 15-minute training at our meeting point, after the training, we will enter the boat and we will have a 15-minute boat ride out to the location for Wing Diving. One by one we will enter the water and we fly 25 minutes underwater with an instructor, you will come upon the boat for a rest where we can give some more instructions. When you are recharged for your second round we will start the second round of 25 minute Wing Diving. On our way back you will enjoy your well-deserved ice cold beer.

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Wing Diving is possible all year round. The perfect conditions are less waves and when the water is at its clearest.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q. Can I bring a backpack with items?

A. We do have storage for your items on the boat. When you keep them out of storage near you, they may get wet.

Q. Can I wear sunscreen?

A. We prefer you to use biodegradable sunscreen or wear a Rashguard.

Q. Should I bring cash?

A. If you still need to pay up your balance or thinking about upgrading your tour at the moment (add video package) then yes. Also the crew appreciates gratitude.

Q. Will Someone Take Pictures or Can I Use My Own GoPro?

A. You can either use your own underwater camera and rent a mount (5 USD) or book a media package (45 USD) with an edited underwater video and underwater pictures.

Q. Can I Cancel The Trip or Refund?

A. If you cancel your trip 24 hours upon your tour, you will receive a full refund.

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