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Isla Mujeres is also a beautiful destination for kids of all ages! You’ll find plenty of activities and adventures for children from the age of 0 to 18, to enjoy. Isla’s white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are perfect for building sand castles and taking a swim. Snorkel and get to know the marine life the Caribbean has to offer. Enjoy a beach club or park with pools and activities to do. There’s even fun things to do on rainy days!


All ages! Enjoy a wet and wild day at the Aquatic Funday Park! Your day pass includes an open buffet and bar. There’s slides of all sizes, sprouts, a giant bucket, and pool area to have fun in!

Beach Club

All ages! Spend the day in one of their 3 pools, eating the food from their delicious restaurant, or enjoying one of the many activities Kin Ha has to offer; snorkeling, kayak, slide, paddle boarding, and more!

Zip Line and Relax

All ages! A day pass here includes full access to the park! Enjoy zip lining, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, the pool, and more!

Beach Hammocks

All ages! Las Hamacas is right in the middle of North Beach! Enjoy the perfect beach front or take a little dip in their pool. Restaurant and bar on premises.

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Sand Castles

All ages! Bring a beach blanket and plop down at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Either find your own spot or rent chairs from one of the many beach clubs. The white sandy beaches are perfect to build sand castles or play volleyball on! In some areas the water is shallower which is perfect for the little ones to play in safely! If you’re lucky, you might see some fish!

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Land Castles

Ages 2-10! The new mayor of Isla Mujeres has redone all of the children’s parks on the island! Brand new, safe, and fun equipment! There are several parks throughout the island. Most are open from 5pm-10pm (after school hours and when the sun is not as strong) and a couple open all day long. Note, not all parks have bathrooms.

Horse, Goat, & Chickens

All ages. There is a small ranch located in South Point! Here you will find a couple of horses, geese, chickens, and other animals. Visit the animals or stop by for their delicious tacos or a refreshing drink from their bar or store.

Dogs for Life

All ages! Visit puppies! Need I say more? From 10am-4pm you can visit the dogs that Isla Animals are rescuing. Walk a dog or roll around with puppies. It’s also the perfect rainy day activity. Be careful, many dogs there are available for adoption, you might find your furrever friend there!

Cats for Days

All ages! At Delfino’s Vet you can sit in the cat room! Delfino rescues many of the stray cats that are looking for homes. Another great rainy day activity is to go and hang out with all the cats.




All ages! Not everyone can dive, so we miss out on seeing the incredible marine life here. Now thanks to NEMO, we get to experience it too! NEMO is a small submarine that can fit up to 10 people. For an hour you get to enjoy seeing all types of fish, turtles, spotted eagle rays, and more! *Weather dependent

All Clear

Glide across the turquoise waters and maybe catch a glimpse of the sea life beneath it! The clear boat is a fun new activity on the island. The boat ride is an hour long and the perfect activity for the whole family to do!

Underwater Life

For children who can swim and must be attended by a responsible adult. If you brought your own snorkel gear or bought it here, there are plenty of places to snorkel on the island, and for free! By hotel Mia is a small reef where you will find plenty of fish. There are tours and beach clubs that offer snorkeling as well!

A Walk + Ice Cream

Ages 5 and under. In the evenings, downtown by the square, you can rent bikes or little carts for the little ones to drive around! Enjoy an ice cream nearby or walk along the malecon too! 40 pesos for 40 minutes!

Be Like Aquaman

Ages 5 & older! Take your kids flying under water! An extremely fun water sport for the whole family to enjoy.

Pool & View

All ages! Enjoy a dip in their pool and order food from their great restaurant! There’s an ice cream shop to the left of the entrance too!

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Age 3 and older! There is a skate park on the Caribbean side of the island! Even just letting the kids run around there is fun for them, and you get a beautiful view of the sea from there!

Trusted Set of Hands

Interested in having date night or exploring on your own without the kids for a bit, Taste of Isla offers a babysitting service!   

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Time To Play

The island has several basketball courts, a soccer field, baseball field, and tennis court for you to enjoy as well! Bring a ball to kick around or play catch with. In Chedraui you can find sports equipment as well!