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Day Bed Reservation - Piacere


Reserve your day bed at Piacere.

Looking for a comfortable day at the beach by the Caribbean with top-notch service?


Look no further than Piacere, make your Day Bed Reservation through Taste of Isla. With dedicated waiter service, you can enjoy refreshing cocktails and delicious food without leaving your lounger. Plus, you'll have access to the pool for the ultimate vacation experience.


A minimum of $62 USD (1000 Pesos) per guest is required. Max of 2 guests per reservation. 


*Don't change the 'Qty.' box upon check out, leave it as 1, unless you wish to book multiple days.


This non-refundable service fee includes confirmation and follow-up.  11 AM - 6 PM. You can choose the time that you want to book your day bed for a special occasion or private party.


General Info: A minimum consumption of food and drink is required. Day Bed Reservation includes the bed, a sun shade, and access to the beach and pool.


Day beds at Piacere are first come, first serve, so be sure to secure yours now!

Day Bed Reservation - Piacere

  • Upon arrival at check in, provide your Reservation name and the host will guide and assist you at Piacere.

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