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Price: 1125 USD

Deposit: 350 USD Deposit, pay 775 USD  when you arrive to your boat. Price per Private boat up to 10 people.


Quantity: How many boats (10 people per boat) Quantity = 1 for one private boat for max 10 people.


Make your trip to Isla Mujeres even more magical and memorable with an incredible private day trip to Isla Contoy. Take a boat trip to this National Park, snorkel, explore, enjoy lunch and indulge in this beautiful island and its stunning beaches, with a knowledgeable and bi-lingual guide and crew.


SEASON: All year around

CAPACITY: Limit of 200 people on the island a day. and 10 per private boat.

DURATION: Approx 8 hours

SERVICE: Everyday 9 AM

FOOD: Appetizers and Lunch

BEVERAGES: Water, Sodas and Beers

LOCATION: Isla Contoy, Mexico


Cancellation Policy - Click Here

Private Isla Contoy Tour - Deposit Only

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