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Private Tasting and Pairing


PRICE: $300 USD for 6 guests, $50 USD Deposit. For each additional guest = $24 USD Per Person, $5 USD Deposit. 


GUESTS: Max. 6 Guests. Each additional person after 6 guests is $24 USD Per Person.  There is a maximum group size of 15 people.


DURATION: 90-120 Minutes


Please make your reservation at least 6 days in advance!


Qty = 1 - For one private tasting (1-6 people).


Remaining balance to be paid to David on the day of the tasting in cash (USD or MXN), or by PayPal with an additional 5% service charge.


Host a private tasting of wine, tequila, mezcal, or another spirit during your stay on Isla Mujeres. You can experience this unique opportunity in the comfort of your vacation rental with David - your mixologist and sommelier. Learn about your favorite drink, its history, production, and how to pair it with the right food, such as cheeses, deli, chocolate, fruits, and more (the pairing varies depending on what alcohol you are tasting).


General Info: The Private Tasting is for up to 6 people, after 6 people there is an additional cost per person. The Tasting includes your guided tasting and pairing. Choose which alcohol you and your group want to learn about. The Private Tasting is 90-120 minutes, however, you will also be able to contact David afterward with any questions you have regarding alcohol, cocktails, and pairing.


Cancellation Policy - Click Here

Private Tasting and Pairing - Deposit Only

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