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You won’t be disappointed when you check out his gem on Isla Mujeres. Rorro’s, opened in 2020, is a wonderful dining spot amongst many of Isla Mujeres’ main bar and restaurant strip, Avenida Hidalgo, in the island’s bustling downtown.

This may look like just another taco spot because of their rotisserie of al pastor meat outside (their speciality), but don’t be fooled, they have so much more on offer, as well as tacos. With popular and authentic dishes from across Mexico, this is a great restaurant to try out some different flavours and get a taste of Mexico. With Mexican food options available including gorditas, picaditas, huaraches, alambres, enchiladas, gringas, charros beans, grilled steaks, tortilla soup and much, much more...

Gallery & Menu

Pro Tip

Don’t miss on trying their tacos al pastor. Get a selection of different dishes to share with your friends or family.


Location & Hours

2:00PM - 11:00PM


AV Guerrero, entre avasolo y Matamoro Isla Mujeres 77400

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