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Despite its small size, the island has many choices of places to sleep.

On its 4.3 miles of land, Isla Mujeres has a plethora of options where you can lay your head for a stay in this beautiful paradise in the Caribbean. Ranging from budget accommodations like hostels to smaller more private accommodations like Bed and Breakfasts, Boutique Hotels, or private apartments, to more deluxe options like private villas, houses, and all-inclusive hotels.

Isla Mujeres has an option for every kind of traveler, with different budgets, and different wishes. You can stay in downtown Isla Mujeres, within walking distance from the island’s famous, award winning beaches, and close to all the action – bars, restaurants, shopping, and the ferry. There are options mid-island to get a more local experience, just a short ride to other areas of the island. Or you can stay in the areas of Punta Sur and Sac Bajo for a truly quiet, and serene getaway.

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