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Whale Shark Tour - Shared

Whale Shark Tour - Shared

Looking for an experience on Isla Mujeres like no other? Well, look no further than swimming with the world's biggest fish, the Whale Sharks. Put this incredible encounter on the top of your bucket list on Isla Mujeres.

General Info: The season is from mid-May to mid-September. There is a capacity of up to 10 guests per boat. The tour duration is approximately 6 hours, and leaves every morning. The meeting time is approximately 7:40 AM, in Isla Mujeres, the exact location will be confirmed. Ceviche and sandwiches, as well as water and sodas, are included.

$125 Per Person

Reg. Price $150 (SAVE $25)

Whale Shark Tour - Private Boat

Whale Shark Tour - Private Boat

Make your Whale Shark encounter on Isla Mujeres even more special with a private tour. You and your group can swim with the worlds biggest fish from a private boat on this incredible experience.

General Info: The season is from May 15th to September 17th. The private boat has a capacity of up to 10 guests. The tour duration is approximately 6 hours, and leaves every morning. The meeting time is approximately 7:40 AM, in Isla Mujeres, the exact location will be confirmed. Ceviche and sandwiches, as well as water and sodas, are included.

$1200 (Max.10 Guests)

Reg. Price $1500 (SAVE $300)

Experience Isla Mujeres on a thrilling Whale Shark snorkel tour! On this unforgettable journey, you will get up close and personal with these majestic creatures of the deep blue. The crystal clear waters surrounding the island, offer unparalleled visibility and make it easy to spot whale sharks swimming around you in all directions. You will be provided with an experienced guide, who knows exactly where these gentle giants can be found.

Get your cameras ready - there are plenty of opportunities for fantastic photos! With safety always at the forefront, each trip is conducted with caution so that everyone has a chance to marvel in awe at these magnificent creatures without causing them any harm or distress.

Embark on an adventure like no other with our Whale Shark Snorkeling Tour in Isla Mujeres!

After a 45 minute boat ride (depending on their location, it can be longer - you are after all on a safari on the ocean) you will jump in the water with a lifejacket (mandatory), two people at a time, plus a certified guide, now you will swim with the Whale Sharks and often you can see Manta Rays as well. When you are extra lucky you may even see dolphins in the same area. You may jump in for a swim more than once (depending on the amount of Whale Sharks and the number of people (max 10) on board).

After you encounter, the boat returns back to Isla Mujeres. The next stop is Playa Norte where you can chill or swim while the crew and captain make a delicious fresh fish ceviche for you.




Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Lifejacket



Bilingual Guide
Drinks (Water & Sodas)
Food (Fruit, Sandwiches, Ceviche)

WhaleSharkRashguard6-TasteofIsla-Isla Mu


Wear (biodegradable) sunscreen and or a rashguard (link to shop).
Wear a hat and sunglasses. Bring a towel and your underwater camera if you have one, or rent one for the trip!




We leave early in the morning and we will go and search for the Whale Sharks. On a good day, we see hundreds! In pairs of two, you take several turns with a guide and swim with these big fish! Once done, we return to paradise and anchor on the #1 beach in Mexico and enjoy a swim and some fresh ceviche.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q. Do We Always See Whale Sharks?

A. Whale Sharks are living in the open sea, so sometimes it is a bit of a search but that is all in the fun! We cannot guarantee you will see them but in more than 90% of the tours we take out, you will see them and swim with them. 

Q. Do You Feed The Whale Sharks?

A. No in comparison with other Whale Shark encounters in the world, we do not feed them. They feed themselves with plankton and fish eggs, they float on the surface and that is why the Whale Sharks are at the surface as well, scooping up the food and filtering it in their wide mouths.

Q. How Big Are The Whale Sharks?

A. A small Whale Shark is 18 feet a big one is 40 feet and then all the sizes inbetween.

Q. Can The Whale Sharks Hurt Me?

A. Nobody gets hurt by the Whale Sharks, but we can hurt them with our presence, that is why there are rules of no touching the Whale Shark and keeping a fair distance so we can enjoy the Whale Shark and the Whale Shark can enjoy his natural space.

Q. Why Is There No Afternoon Trip Possible?

A. Whale Sharks feed in the morning, in the afternoon they go down deep so there will be a low chance of seeing them in the afternoon.

Fun Fact To Know: The spots on the Whale Sharks are all unique like fingerprints on humans.

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