Whale Shark

Looking for experience on Isla Mujeres like no other? Well, look no further swimming with the biggest fish in the world, The Whale Sharks is what you want to put on top of your bucket list.

SEASON: May 17th - Sept 17th

CAPACITY: 10 Guest *Max Per Boat


SERVICE: Everyday 7:00AM

FOOD & Drink: Ceviche & Sandwiches

BEVERAGES: Water & Soda Included

LOCATION: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

MEET UP: "Bally Hoo", Isla Mujeres Av


In this tour, you will explore and ignite your body senses, seeing and swimming next to the whale sharks in the Caribbean. This will be an experience you will never forget! Swimming with the whale sharks is only aloud in Whale Shark season, Season starts at May 15- September 15 Make sure you book your tour upfront to have availability because the demand is high with a limited aloud per day. A boat may only take up to 10 people.


Ride out from Isla Mujeres early morning to cruise to the Whale Sharks, where they natural feed on plankton and fish eggs, to start the adventure. Wearing a lifejacket (Per Mexican Law), the tour guide will jump in the water with a maximum of two of you, and swim along with these friendly giants.

Once you got to swim and explore, the trip will return to Isla Mujeres, North Beach where we anchor for you to enjoy some ceviche and you can take a swim in the Caribbean, take a rest, and take in the whole experience, before returning to the dock.




mask, snorkel, fins, lifejacket



Bilingual guide
Drinks (Water & Sodas)
Foot (Fruit, Sandwiches, Ceviche)

WhaleSharkRashguard6-TasteofIsla-Isla Mu


Wear (biodegradable) sunscreen and or a rashguard (link to shop).
wear a hat and sunglasses. Bring a towel and your underwater camera if you have, or rent one for the trip!




We leave early morning and we will go and search for the whale sharks. On a good day, we see hundreds! In pairs of two, you take several turns with a guide and swim with these Big Fish! Once done, we return to paradise and anchor on the #1 beach from Mexico and enjoy a swim and some fresh ceviche.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q. Do We Always See Whale Sharks?

A. Whale Sharks are living at the open sea, so sometimes it is a bit of a search but that is all in the fun! We can not guarantee you will see them but in more than 90% of the tours we take out, you will see them and swim with them. 

Q. Do You Feed The Whalesharks?

A. No in comparison with other Whale Shark encounters in the world, we do not feed them. They feed themselves with plankton and fish eggs, they float on the surface and that is why the whale sharks are at the surface as well, scooping up the foot and filtering it in their wide mouth.

Q. How Big Are The Whale Sharks?

A. A small Whale Shark is 18 feet a big one is 40 feet and then all the sizes in between.

Q. Can The Whale Sharks Hurt Me?

A. Nobody gets hurt by the whale shark but we can hurt the whale shark that is why there are rules of no touching the Whale Shark and keep a bit distance so we can enjoy the Whale Shark and the Whale Shark can enjoy his natural space.

Q. Why Is There No Afternoon Trip Possible?

A. Whale Sharks feed themselves in the morning, in the afternoon they go down deep so there will be a low chance of seeing them in the afternoon.

Fun Fact To Know: The spots on the whale sharks are all unique like fingerprints on humans.

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