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DC Explorer was certified to prevent the propagation of COVID-19!

DC Explorer is a local family owned business. Their staff and crew are all locals and all their guides are all certified and multilingual.


When you are booking a tour at one of the tour offices or in a big hotel, you probably are getting sent through to DC Explorer. 
They are the direct providers, no middlemen, they own their boats and licenses and they are registered to the tourism office of Mexico. That is why their rates are the lowest since you are not paying commissions to the big companies.


DC Explorer is famous for their Whale Shark tours

They start at 7 am to be the first ones in the area.
They always try to find their "own whale shark" in order to avoid the masses of other tourists and to be as sustainable and respectful as possible.
They own the best boats available, there are huge differences in size and comfort!
33' Sea Ray boats with all electronics

GPS and 2 ways VHF radio, 10' wide

2 ecological 150 hp outboard.
Radio base for permanent communication
Oxygen emergency tank
Bathroom on board.
80% of the time they go swimming with the whale sharks, their guests tell them to stop because they are fulfilled.

They love to treat their animals and their guests in the best way possible.
They are bringing you this service because they want you to come back! 


Pro Tip

Go With DC Explorer if you want to get great service, comfort, and support local.


Location & Hours

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

+52 998 240 3930

Matamoros #11, Col, Centro,Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

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