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Looking for fresh, homemade burgers and sandwiches, in homemade rolls and with homemade sides?
Isla Burger, is the island’s gourmet burger joint, located in downtown Isla Mujeres, in the old Bobo’s spot! Isla Burger opened its doors in March 2021, with in-house ground, Mexican beef, on fresh homemade rolls, with homemade pickles. You can choose from sides of crispy potato chips, or ginger infused coleslaw.
Alongside their classic burger, they have a mushroom burger, a Mexican inspired burger, and their yummy BBQ burger, as well as a vegan option available, and 2 chicken sandwich options.
If you are looking for homemade, gourmet burgers made with fresh ingredients this is a great spot for you.

Reserve a Table

If you are looking for a gourmet, homemade burger on Isla Mujeres, look no further! Isla Burger is the spot for you, it is perfect for an evening dinner with your family or friends, you can reserve your table with us, and enjoy homemade burgers, served in homemade rolls with homemade sides and sauces.


Location & Hours

11:00AM - 11:00PM


+52 1 998 219 5951

Matamoros 11, Centro - Supmza. 001, Isla Mujeres, Q.R.

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