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Want to escape the hustle and bustle of the busier areas of the island? Check out this hidden gem, well off the beaten track... La Palapa del Capitan is a fabulous spot and popular amongst both island visitors and locals!


Tucked away at the end of Isla Mujeres’ Sac Bajo, we promise it is worth the ten-minute drive! This is one of the island’s smaller and quieter bars; it is perfect for when you want to relax with a cold drink, but without the hubbub of the more bustling areas.

What makes this bar truly special? The owners who you will surely meet when you visit! 

The owners are two of the most hospitable island locals, they’ll quickly make you feel like family.

Gallery & Menu

Pro Tip

Check out the delicious, fresh, grilled fish!

Location & Hours

11:00AM - 6:30PM

Carretera Sac Bajo, 23 de Noviembre, Q.R., Mexico

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