Wooden crafted fish Madera Art & Gallery
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If you want to see real art, go to Madera Art Gallery. They started originally with only wood crafts made by Antonio, you can find his art all over the island in the most beautiful houses. You can find smaller wooden pieces in the gallery that you can take home!

Madera is now more than just wooden art, you can find a big section with unique handmade Jewelry mostly made by artist Rika.Raw & Wanikuya. The most beautiful onyx lamps, bowls, and sculptures. You can find unique paintings by Humberto who has his paint studio in Punta Sur and they collected beautiful art by different local artists. Make sure you check the gallery out, just for the experience or to take a beautiful piece of Madera home with you. 

Payments in cash (Pesos or USD) and they accept PayPal payments as well.


Make sure you are trying the food there in the restaurant, probably the best burger you ever tasted!


Pro Tip

Get a custom designed jewelry piece by Rikki (Rika.Raw) or a wooden sculpture by Antonio. It takes them normally a few days to deliver a costum piece. 

Wooden hart polished Madera Gallery Isla

Location & Hours


12:00PM - 5:00PM

Closed Sunday

Payo Obispo 8, Meteorológico, Isla Mujeres, Q.R.