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An Island Getaway: Find the Perfect Area to Stay in Isla Mujeres

From boutique hotels that are located just steps away from the island’s vibrant bars, to luxury houses in Isla Mujeres’ peaceful neighborhood of Punta Sur … the island is home to some great places to stay, in locations that will suit your wants and needs. Check out what each area of the island has to offer during your stay so that you can make your decision about where you want to be located on your next visit to Isla Mujeres.

Mexico’s popular island of Isla Mujeres, with its white sand beaches and beautiful blue waters, sits in the Caribbean at just 4.3 miles long, but despite its small size, the town is home to an abundance of accommodation options for visitors … from budget-friendly hotel rooms to all-inclusive suites, luxury homes for large groups to self-service apartments in the local neighborhoods, simple hostel rooms to deluxe condos with breathtaking views, boutique hotels to comfortable vacation homes. Isla Mujeres has something for every type of visitor including solo travelers, couples, families, and big groups. Deciding on where to stay can be tough with so many options available in the different areas of the island, all offering different experiences.

Learning more about what each area provides can help you decide which location will be more suited to your vacation needs for your next visit to Isla Mujeres. Come with us on a journey through the neighborhoods of the island …


Isla Mujeres’ downtown neighborhood (known locally as El Centro) is the perfect area to stay for those who want to be located in the heart of all the action, with everything literally on your doorstep! It's wonderful for those who do not want to worry about having a designated driver or getting taxis back after a day of fun at a beach club in this part of town, or a night out enjoying some of the island’s bustling bars … this is because this stretch of the town is easily walkable.

Downtown is located in the north end of Isla Mujeres and is home to the famous Playa Norte (north beach), as well as the island’s main bar and restaurant strip, Avenida Hidalgo - the pedestrian street that hosts some of the town’s best bars, restaurants, and souvenir shopping. When you step off the ferry, you arrive immediately into the downtown area, where you can walk with your luggage, have it taken by a Malatero (porter with a bicycle that has a cargo area for luggage), or you can take a taxi to your accommodation. In the downtown neighborhood, there are hotels and condos on, and opposite the beaches looking out across the white sand, and turquoise blue waters of Playa Norte, and Playa Centro, some popular hotel and condo options available like this include Hotel Secreto, Privilege Aluxes, Nautibeach Condos, and Ixchel, to name just a few.

Check out the options on the platform here (don't forget to zoom in and out on the map for more options) where you can also find boutique hotels and apartments to rent on the vibrant street of Avenida Hidalgo and some of its crossroads, these possible accommodation choices are perfect for those who don’t mind staying up later due to the accommodations’ proximity to the bars and the island’s nightlife.

There is also a selection of options available in the quieter part of downtown, on the Malecon - Isla Mujeres’ Caribbean boulevard, a part of the neighborhood that is home to some private rooms, apartments, and small vacation rental homes, looking out across the ocean.


Isla Mujeres’ mid-island is where the more “local” neighborhoods are located between the areas of downtown and Punta Sur. Locally known as Las Colonias, the mid-island area includes neighborhoods such as the Airport Strip, Salina Chica and Salina Grande, Meterologico, Cañotal, and La Gloria. In this wide area, you can find everything from rental apartments to private vacation homes and BnBs. This region of the island is where a lot of the islanders reside, so it is perfect for those wanting to get a real essence of Isla Mujeres, with lots of local and budget-friendly eateries (loncherias or cocina economicas), hidden gems, and wonderful views to see, children’s parks, seaside or lakeside walks, and Caribbean beaches. Mid-island is a large space, with lots of neighborhoods and accommodation possibilities, check out the platform here for accommodation options in the area (zoom in and out on the map for more options). While it is easy to get around the mid-island area on bicycle, or by foot, getting to and from downtown, Punta Sur and Sac Bajo can be a little more challenging in the Mexican sunshine, so this is a great space for those with a rental golf cart, or if you don’t mind taking local taxis or catching the bus.

Punta Sur

Punta Sur, the southern area of Isla Mujeres, is a popular choice for visitors wishing to stay in the island’s peaceful, and green neighborhood, with a selection of gorgeous and spacious homes available, with luxury on offer to those wishing to have access to their own private pools, and Caribbean views. Punta Sur is the perfect destination on Isla Mujeres for families, and groups due to its endless options of private homes, villas, and condos on offer. It is also home to boutique hotels such as Casa de los Sueños, La Joya, and Casa Azul Maya, as well as the hostel Nomads - great options for couples and solo travelers. Staying in Punta Sur not only gives visitors a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of downtown Isla Mujeres, and the local areas of mid-island, but it is also perfect for those wanting to be close to the beautiful nature of the island, with cliffside walks, magnificent views, and lush green and blues. You can walk to the Temple of Ixchel, and spend days at a collection of beach clubs close by. Check out the platform here for options in Punta Sur (zoom in and out for more options in the area).

Sac Bajo

The island’s peninsula of Sac Bajo, like Punta Sur, is a quieter area of Isla Mujeres, and home to some of the island’s more luxurious accommodation options, such as the all-inclusive hotel of Zoetry, and Hotel Belo. There are also other hotels, condos, and private homes in this area, perfect for families, that benefit from wonderful views of the bay between Cancun and Isla Mujeres, as well as swimming pools, and areas of beach. There are close by beach clubs, and the island’s water park. Getting to and from this area can be a little more tricky, so it is recommended to rent a golf cart to explore more of the island, take a taxi or the local bus, with a route down this peninsula until the evening. Check out the platform here for options in Sac Bajo by zooming in on the peninsula (zoom in and out for more options in the area).

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