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Our Favourite Coworking Locations on Isla Mujeres …

If you’re a digital nomad, and like many, you are drawn to Mexico, in particular to the stunning island of Isla Mujeres, or if you are hoping to work remotely a little during your visit to the island, you may be looking to find a quiet location with some great WiFi. As a group of remote workers based on the island here at Taste of Isla, we have picked some of our favorite locations that you can go to check out … grab a coffee, breakfast, or some lunch too!

A good WiFi connection on the island can be hard to come by, we are after all on a 4.3-mile-long island in Mexico’s Caribbean. Therefore if you’re staying at an independent hotel or vacation rental, it might be possible that you will struggle with a slower connection than you are used to. Being on a small island also means our choice of workspaces is limited. We have chosen three of our favorite spots for you to check out…

Located in downtown Isla Mujeres, in front of the naval base, Marina Bartolome is the perfect spot to spend the day working remotely, with gorgeous views (that may even be a little inspiring) of the bay between Isla Mujeres and Cancun. This location is peaceful, and they have an excellent menu for breakfast and lunch. Also, if you do take a lunch break, there is a pool that you can take a dip in, treat yourself at the end of the day to sunset, and have a glass of wine in the pool. Your workspace can be at a table outside or inside in their air-conditioned room, which allows you to work in peace, with little distraction, the waiters won’t bug you, and you can stay cool. Ask for their WiFi password, and enjoy their excellent and consistent internet speeds while you order something from their extensive menu. Visit Marina Bartolome >

Cost -

Spend the day here consuming – grab breakfast or lunch and some drinks, and you can use their WiFi for free.

If you haven’t visited Isla Mujeres in a couple of years, or if this is your first trip to the island, you may not have yet visited the beautiful space of Isla Village. Located in Isla Mujeres’ mid-island area, you can go to Isla Village and work at 42 Café & Bistro while sipping their delicious coffee and getting brunch off their menu. 42 Café & Bistro is perfect for early risers and those working remotely with a time zone difference, as they open at 7:30 AM. It is also a good spot for those outside the downtown area / mid-island.

Like Marina Bartolome, you can go here and spend the day consuming off their menu and using their good, and consistent internet. Enjoy the naturally shaded outdoor space while working remotely in paradise without being hassled by the staff to order more or to leave. Visit 42 Cafe & Bistro >

Cost –

Spend the day here consuming – grab breakfast or lunch and some drinks, and you can use their WiFi for free.

Selina Hostels is a chain of hostels, with locations around the world, and they are well known to cater to digital nomads with their shared workspaces. Selina Hostel in Isla Mujeres has one of these coworking spaces, and it is the most recognized shared workspace on the island; where you can go for the day to use their high-speed WiFi, with views of the sand, and the hostel’s beach bar area. They include unlimited coffee and have phone booths for you to use. There are also meeting rooms available to hire. Selina Hostel is located in downtown Isla Mujeres, and they also have a bar and restaurant where you can go to eat and drink. Visit Selina >

Cost –

For the day – Starting price approx. $16 (Selina Hostel charges 250 MXN for a Hot Desk for the day)

For the week – Starting price approx. $80 (Selina Hostel charges 1250 MXN for a Hot Desk for the week)

Other places that are a bit busier, and noisier that will also allow you to use their WiFi when you order from their menu are Mango Café - mid-island, Café Mogagua, and Rooster in downtown Isla Mujeres.

Happy Remote Working!

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