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"3D Icon" on Isla Mujeres Map


  • High-Resolution Unique Icon: Tailored to represent your business. Such as your building or something that represents your business.

  • Permanent Presence: Stay on our map indefinitely, one time purchase !!!

  • Digital and Print Exposure: Featured on our high-resolution, zoom in, Free downloadable version with over 1000 downloads per month,

  • Icon Explanation: Included on our foldable map, detailing each icon's significance.

  • Interactive Features: In 2025, icons will be clickable, directing users to your business page.

  • Added on map poster prints and merchandise.

  • Prints for Sale: Maps available for purchase, showcasing your business on wall-hanging posters.

  • Free Maps with Icon Explanation: Distributed in bulk to increase local visibility.

One time purchase of 149 USD, secure your spot on our map — digital, in print, and on free handouts.


If your business relocates, we'll move your icon to maintain your visibility at no cost. 

When your business does not exist anymore, we will delete your icon from the map. 

"3D Icon" on Isla Mujeres Map

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