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CPR/EFR Certification


CPR\EFR $160 Emergency First Response courses encompass adult, child and infant CPR, first aid skills and incorporates the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) training as well as emergency oxygen use. Emergency First Response also offers comprehensive flexible scheduling and training to meet your individual needs. They can be taught together, alone or in any combination. The Emergency First Response courses build lay rescuer confidence to provide care when faced with a medical emergency. Participants learn and practice the same patient care techniques and principles used by medical professionals, but at a non-professional level.


SEASON: Dive Time 7:45AM, 12:45PM


DURATION: Approx 5 Hours

SERVICE: Not Guaranteed w/o Reservation

LOCATION: Isla Mujeres, Mexico


Cancellation Policy - Click Here

CPR/EFR Certification - Aqua Adventures

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