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Delivery operation

  • We take care of the payment and the orders

  • We place the order with your restaurant

  • We offer delivery service every day 3:30 PM - 10 PM (and we will adjust your opening hours in this timeframe)

  • We pick up the order at your restaurant and deliver it to the client

  • We pay your restaurant at pickup 

  • We request a 15% discount on your menu price

You will receive a restaurant block on the main page.

Your food items will be added to the food categories 

You will get a clickable logo

A dedicated page with all your menu items


Your restaurant will be added to Taste marketing.


If you like to be added, please complete this checkout (checkout with 0 USD cost) and we will contact you shortly. 


send an email to Subject Delivery Collabration


send a whatsapp text to +52 998 425 9396 (Emma) 

Delivery signup

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