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Here you can enjoy all the park’s facilities and amenities, which include kayaking and snorkeling. You also have unlimited access to a National open bar at the park (only available for adults 18 years or older) and a buffet lunch at The Bucanero restaurant.  Snorkel equipment, life jackets, kayaks, pool, and one round of zip line activity.  Also included are, Lockers, showers, and Lounge chairs.  


Reservation: The partial payment is for the reservation of your Garrfon Park tickets. The rest of the payment will be paid when arriving at the park under your reservation Name/Number. 


Please Note: Due to certain weather conditions some activities may be closed due to health and safety reasons, under these circumstances a refund will not be given, as the park will still be open with other activities available. 

Garrafon Park - Isla Royal Garrafon Full Day *Partial Payment*

  • Partial payment to reserve your park pass. Total due when you arrive at Garrafon, Payment of $51.75 per person will be due at check in at Garrafon Park

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