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Deposit Only: 25 USD Deposit per person, pay 90 USD per person when you arrive to your boat.


Quantity: The amount of people you want to book the tour for 


Make your trip to Isla Mujeres even more magical and memorable with an incredible day trip to Isla Contoy. Take a boat trip to this National Park, snorkel, explore, enjoy lunch and indulge in this beautiful island and its stunning beaches, with a knowledgeable and bi-lingual guide and crew.


SEASON: All year around

CAPACITY: Limit of 200 people on the island a day.

DURATION: Approx 8 hours

SERVICE: Everyday 9 AM

FOOD: Appetizers and Lunch

BEVERAGES: Water, Sodas and Beers

LOCATION: Isla Contoy, Mexico


Cancellation Policy - Click Here

Isla Contoy Tour - Deposit Only

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