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Hop on and hop off the buses along the bus routes, with the Isleños Bus All Day Pass. The All Day Pass is valid on any bus journey on a single day, across the island from 7AM - 9PM. With this pass you can see the whole of Isla Mujeres in one day ... travel from the bustling north end of the island to the picturesque south end of the island and the island’s peninsula of Sac Bajo. And explore local, hidden treasures in the middle of the island with this great All Day Pass. Flag down a bus, show your wristband, and tell the driver your next stop. 


Pick up your All Day Pass at the bus of your choice.  Just show the bus driver your order with Taste of Isla and they will give you the bracelet on your first bus to use the rest of the day.


QTY = Number of passes you want to purchase. 

Isleno Bus - All Day Pass Isla Mujeres

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