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*Note we need at least 24 hours to guarantee shopping availability. The island's local grocery store is limited on items while supplies last due to the quantity. 

*We'll do the delivery when you arrive at your location or at any chosen time, please inform us when any time (of your arrival or chosen delivery time) would change.

*A charge of $60 shopping fee to pay to confirm.  The balance will be the cost of receipt(s),(you will be given the receipt(s)) You can pay the balance in cash USD or Pesos MXN or can pay with PayPal or credit card (+10%).


*We do our best to find everything from your shopping list but can not guarantee we find everything, no worries if we can not find your item, they will not be charged to you. We always will do our best to find a replacement if the brand or type you asked for is not available.



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