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Private Adventure Diving - Mexico Divers - Mexico Divers - Mexico Divers


We are committed, diving enthusiasts! Our team can provide an unforgettable diving experience in the incredible dive sites around Isla Mujeres. This is a private 2 tank dive to Isla Mujeres' shipwreck, C-58, and Punta Negra Reef.


SEASON: All year around


CAPACITY: 4 Guest  (4+ extra cost)


SERVICE: Everyday 

FOOD: Snacks & Fruit


LOCATION: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

MEET UP: Mexico Divers Office


Qty = 1 - per 4 people. Qty = 2 - per 8 people.


$750  PER PRIVATE CHARTER (Max. 4 people)

2 Tank Dive

Deposit Only - $120 Per Private Charter

Remaining Amount - $630 to be paid to Mexico Divers


Cancellation Policy - Click Here

Private Adventure Diving - Mexico Divers

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