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Private Live Musician  - Sax Solo - 45 Minutes


Looking for a musical backdrop, or a party, our live music options promise to elevate your experience. Perfect for various occasions.

Each session/ set lasts 45 minutes, and you have the flexibility to book multiple sessions for extended enjoyment. adjust QTY for the number of sessions you want to book.

Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner, planning a lively party, or celebrating a wedding or event, we have the perfect musical options for you.

Book now and let the music set the perfect tone for your special moments!

Sax Solo Experience

Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of jazz and bossa tunes performed with skill and passion. The Sax Solo session features a captivating blend of saxophone and a male voice, creating a sophisticated ambiance that complements any intimate setting.

  • 45 min per session, Customize your experience by booking multiple sessions for an extended performance by adjusting Quantity. 
  • Price 150 USD per session
  • Deposit 87.5 USD per session




45 Minutes = Quantity 1, 90 minutes = Quantity 2, etc.



Any time, Day or Night, Year around, Appointment Only



Any Location on Isla Mujeres (Cancun possible, extra charge) 


Cancellation Policy - Click Here


Private Live Musician - Sax Solo - 45 Minutes - Deposit Only

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