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Restaurant Table Reservation signup


Here's how our system works:

Reservation Management: We handle all reservation requests

Availability Coordination: We communicate with your team to check availability and secure reservations based on your restaurant's capacity and schedule.

Confirmation Process: Once a reservation is confirmed, we send a notification to both the diner and your restaurant, eliminating any confusion and ensuring a smooth experience.

Risk-Free Partnership: We understand that no-shows can be a concern. That's why we operate on a no-charge basis for reservations. You'll only pay a fee of 10% on the spending bill for diners we successfully bring to your restaurant.


We believe that by partnering with us, you'll not only receive more table reservations but also increase your restaurant's visibility and revenue potential as more people also will book with you directly or more walk-ins as you reach a greater number of tourist while planning their vacation. 


If you're interested in trying out this opportunity, we would need a simple confirmation on these questions:

  • We work with whatsapp group with our bookingteam and one or more people from your restaurant that can take the reservation, so we need a phone number(s) for this group.

  • The different options they can choose from where they want to sit (inside or outside, aircon room, on the beach, etc). 

  • If you have any seating times or if they can make the reservation for any time during your opening times?

  • We like to receive your menu to showcase with your restaurant.

  • Any questions you like to add to our system besides amount of people, reservation name, allergies, date and time.

  • If there are any dates you will not be able to take reservations for (a vacation- closed period or with Christmas or New years etc) 

  • You can stop this partnership at any time, we do wish you to honor any upfront confirmed reservations.


You will be added to: receive a table booking block on your destinated page on Taste and will be added to Taste marketing.


If you like to be added, please complete this checkout (checkout with 0 USD cost) and we will contact you shortly. 


send an email to Subject Table reservation collabration


send a whatsapp text to +52 998 425 9396 (Emma) 

Table Reservation Signup

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