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Women’s Beading Co-op 

Isla Mujeres’ Women’s Beading Co-op, located in Colonia La Gloria, on Mexico’s tiny island of Isla Mujeres (located off the coast of Cancun), is a wonderful project, providing work to a group of amazingly talented, local women. Creating stunning pieces of handmade jewelry and crafts, including beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets and more. Each time an item is bought, 80% of the money goes directly to the 1 woman who made it, and the rest is put towards purchasing materials for the Women's Beading Co-op.  If you are on the island you can go by to see them working on these wonderful items or even have a beading class.

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About The RBG Original Necklace

In 2018, Isla Mujeres’ Women’s Beading Co-op sent Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg one of their necklaces designed in her trademark style. She wore this beautiful necklace for the first sitting of 2019 in the Supreme Court in the USA. She wrote them a personal letter to thank the women at Isla Mujeres’ Beading Co-op for the ‘exquisite necklace’.

“To Karen, Ceci, and their friends,

For the exquisite necklace, many thanks. I will wear it during the first sitting of 2019, and many times thereafter.  With Appreciation for a gift to treasure”

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

RBG Collection From Women’s Co-op

Isla Mujeres’ Women’s Beading Co-op has produced an incredible, exclusive collection of handmade necklaces based on the Ruth Bader Ginsburg necklace. These unique items take a minimum of 2 weeks to each be produced. At Taste of Isla we are working alongside the Women’s Beading Co-op to help them to sell their products and ship them to the USA and Canada while the island is struggling with the decrease in tourism in the current global situation caused by COVID-19. The 57 women who work at Isla Mujeres’ Women’s Beading Co-op work hard daily creating these wonderful RBG necklaces for the collection to provide for their families, and we have taken a step to help them to continue doing this.


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Ruth Bader Ginsberg Necklace RBG Gray- Woman's Beading Co-op

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