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Who Are The Women’s Beading Co-op? 

The Women’s Beading Co-op is a must when you’re looking to buy special souvenirs from Isla Mujeres. The jewelry sold here is not only beautiful and affordable, it is also handmade by local women on the island. 80% of every purchase goes to the 1 woman who made the item, with the other 20% going towards buying more supplies. Your purchase empowers the island women and helps them keep their families fed.

What Do They Do?

This group of amazing artists (57 women) creates one of a kind, handcrafted, beaded jewelry. Including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, purses, and more.


Their work is very high quality, the kind you would find in a craft fair. Each piece of jewelry is unique, woven together one bead at a time, handcrafted over many hours, and made from Delica and glass seed beads, shells, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, and pearls.

The play of texture, color, and light reflects the centuries old Mayan heritage that they bring to their designs.

How Can You Support This Local Artist?

If you stop at the workshop, you will almost always meet a group of women beading around a table. Each woman earns a percentage of the sale of one of their pieces, with a percentage going back into the Women’s Beading Co-op to buy beads and other supplies. With this income, the women can pay for housing, food, and school tuition for their children. In addition, as the Women’s Beading Co-op has grown, the women have a larger social support group, and the Women’s Beading Co-op functions as an extended family.


The prices are extremely low compared to the time that it consumes to make the jewelry and other items. For example they work on a handbag for 1 month and sell it for 600 pesos (30 USD). The prices start at 50 pesos (2.5 USD)


"To Karen Ceci, and their friends; For the exquisite necklace, many thanks. I will wear it during the first sitting day of 2019, and many times thereafter. With appreciation for this treasure, Ruth Bader Ginsburg."


The women offer beading classes upon request, which means that you can stop by and make a piece of jewelry for yourself in about 2 hours for 300 MXN, which includes the beads and findings etc.


Buy Yours Today!

If you see any items on the pictures that you like, feel free to contact us, we will see if it is still available and can send it to you. If it is not available the women are happy to make a new one especially for you in the colors that you like (if the colors are available). If you cannot visit the Women’s Beading Co-op, have a look in our Shop Store


Pro Tip

Come take a class and learn a skill and have some fun.

Location & Hours

Monday through Saturday

 from about 9AM – 5PM


+52 998 161 9659

La Gloria MZA. 160 Lote 5 77400 Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

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