Custom handmade jewelry. If you want something unique that you will see nowhere else, get a custom piece from Rika.Raw. 

The person behind Rika.Raw is Rikki. You might know Rikki from the Madera Art Gallery. Rikki is a proud mom originally from Australia and living in Isla Mujeres for a few years. 

Rika.Raw is making unique handmade Jewelry, she works a lot with recycled materials like recycled cork or making jewelry out of recycled corals, found on the beach and selected to be turned into beautiful unique earrings. 

She recently did her course of silversmith, and makes beautiful rings and pendants in silver, with or without a stone.

Make sure you are checking her work out, you probably will fall in love with it!


Pro Tip

Tell Rikki what size and what color and she will make you a beautiful custom piece!


Location & Hours


12:00PM - 5:00PM

Closed Sunday

+52 998 392 4401

Payo Obispo 8, Meteorológico, Isla Mujeres, Q.R.

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