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Sunset Cruise Tour

Enjoy your private sunset cruise with the best view on the sunset, surrounded by the most turquoise waters of Isla. You can start a party or make this a relaxing trip, It is your private tour so you decide if the tunes will come out of the radio, which tunes, and on what volume.

SEASON: All Year

CAPACITY: 12 Guest *Max Per Boat

DURATION: 4.5 Hours

SERVICE: Everyday 3:00PM 

FOOD: Ceviche

DRINKS: Rum, Vodka, Mixes, Water & Soda

LOCATION: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

MEET UP: "Bally Hoo", Isla Mujeres

$600 (6) PEOPLE

Private Charter +$60 up to 12 Guest

We cruise around until we drop the anchor and you can take a swim and or relax or party on the boat until the sunsets. Enjoy the beautiful sunset from the best location you can get! Sunsets on Isla Mujeres are usually magical!!


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  • Guide in your language

  • Full snorkel gear

  • Ceviche dinner

  • Rum and vodka mixed drinks

  • Bottled water and soft drinks

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Rum & Vodka mixes, Water & Soda Included, but you are welcome to bring additional items to keep cool in the cooler. 



The trip comes with a crew. Captain and a guide. The guide can help you with your needs and the captain takes care the trip will go smoothly and save. If you want to go snorkeling the guide will have a license




We will leave from downtown, if the waves are not too high we can make a loop around the island, if its kind of wavy we can stay in the bay and the more protected area, we can anchor in the turquoise waters or we can anchor at Playa Norte for the best views.

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Isla Mujeres has the most stunning sunsets, with a sunset trip you will have the best seat to take in those colors the sky is giving us.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q. Can I Wear Sunscreen?

A. Yes, wear sunscreen, we prefer you use biodegradable sunscreen or wear a rashguard.

Q. Should I Bring Cash?

A. If you want to leave a tip, which is highly appreciated, bring USD or Pesos to leave a tip.

Q. Can I Bring My Own Alcohol?

A. If you want to bring your own alcohol, that is no problem, we have a cooler with ice ready for you.

Q. Can I Bring A Backpack?

A. YLeave your valuables in your locker, but yes we have plenty of room for your backpack and if you want to make sure your backpack doesn't get wet, ask us to put it in the storage of our boat.

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