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For the benefit of the children of #IslaMujeres, the private initiative will join efforts to collect toys that will later be delivered on the occasion of Christmas, for which it will implement -from November 24 to December 22- the “Toys + 'Tings” program, which will consist of handing over a toy in exchange for a signature cocktail at participating establishments. Yurgen David Araya Bermúdez, released details about this program and pointed out that every Wednesday, from 4 to 6 in the afternoon, a different business will participate, in such a way that the dates are as follows:

Chile & Maíz Restaurant (November 24)

Hotel Selina (December 1)

Burger Island (December 8)

Café Mogagua (December 15)

Cantina Javi’s (December 22)

On December 23 we will have Santa Claus for the children to take pictures and

on December 23 the toys will be delivered

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En beneficio de la niñez de #IslaMujeres, la iniciativa privada sumará esfuerzos para recolectar juguetes que posteriormente se entregarán con motivo a la Navidad, por lo que implementará -del 24 de noviembre al 22 de diciembre- el programa “Toys + ‘Tings”, que consistirá en entregar un juguete a cambio de un cóctel de autor en los establecimientos participantes.
Yurgen David Araya Bermúdez, dio a conocer detalles sobre este programa y puntualizó que cada miércoles, de 4 a 6 de la tarde, participará un comercio distinto, de tal manera que las fechas son las siguientes:
Restaurante Chile & Maíz (24 de noviembre)
Hotel Selina (1 de diciembre)
Isla Burger (8 de diciembre)
Café Mogagua (15 de diciembre)
Cantina Javi’s (22 de diciembre)
El 23 de diciembre se tendrá a Papá Noel para que los niños se tomen fotografías

y el 23 de diciembre se entregarán los juguetes


My name is David Araya and I am manager at Javi's Cantina. I have decided to begin this iniciative called Toys + 'Tings thinking about placing a smile on children's faces this Christmas.


We've teamed up with other businesses that I know operate at the highest standards, setting up a 5-week 'tour' date in order to unite efforts between locals and visitors of Isla Mujeres.


Toys + 'Tings is a non-profit, Christmas toy drive, aimed at helping the families who most need it. The dynamic is very simple; bring a new unwrapped toy and receive a signature cocktail in exchange!


Every Wednesday from 4pm-6pm at participating restaraunts. Toy distribution will be on Thursday December 23rd with a special Meet & Greet with Santa Claus!


I've experienced first hand what it feels like not to have a Christmas present, add to that the clear necessity some families on the Island have, and it was an easy decision to make and launch Toys + 'Tings.

*If you're interested in donating but your Isla vacation does not necessarily land on a Wednesday, you can still help:


Instagram: @araya_bartekniks

Whatsapp: 998-320-9150

Or visiting at Javis Cantina.

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