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Our Favourite Pizza Spots on Isla Mujeres

Pizza, pizza everywhere! From thin crust to thick crust, light and gourmet toppings to hearty, comforting toppings, and restaurant dining to home delivery, there are pizza options for every occasion and mood on this Mexican island in the Caribbean. Check out some of our personal favorites here on Isla Mujeres!

Isla Mujeres is home to numerous excellent restaurants offering delicious Mexican food, and options for seafood lovers, meat lovers, and those looking for something a little on the healthier side. It is also home to various restaurants with dishes from other parts of the world, including one of our favorites ... PIZZA! “Where can I find the best pizza?” “Who has the best pizza?” “Pizza recommendations on Isla Mujeres” are among the questions we frequently see being asked. But this is a subjective topic, with so many different types of pizza bases, toppings, and restaurants offering different vibes, we think it's hard to pick just one, with all of us having our personal preferences, so we decided to tell you some of our favorites here at Taste of Isla, each for different reasons. 

If you’re in the mood for a comforting and filling pizza, look no further than Mike’s. They offer a variety of crust options, including thin or thick crusts in different styles. If you prefer deep pan pizzas, Mike’s has delicious Chicago-style and Sicilian options. For those who enjoy thin crust, they offer New York style or super thin crust. Additionally, you can try their stuffed crust with mozzarella or Philly cream cheese … YUM! Pizza Mike’s is our go-to for hangover days or when we crave some comfort food. Our favorite toppings include BBQ chicken, skirt steak, vegetarian, meatball, and meat lovers. They also offer home delivery so you can enjoy your pizza while watching movies on the sofa or dine streetside at Pizza Mike’s location.

If you’re out and about and looking for Italian pizza by the slice, then Il Pomodorino has you covered. This pizzeria is located in downtown Isla Mujeres, and offers delicious pizza by the slice, with a yummy taste of Italy, flavorsome and unique toppings, as well as crispy crusts. You can also get whole pizzas made to order, to take away, or dine in on their small deck if there is space. This is the perfect option for a snack, lunch, or perfect dinner for one, or groups who can’t decide on one pizza to share … you can get a selection of slices so you can all try some different toppings. We love grabbing a couple of slices to take to the beach, or to eat on the go.

Capricci is an amazing spot for traditional Italian-approved - Italian pizza. Located on the island’s main bar and restaurant strip, this little restaurant is one of our absolute favorites. The perfect combination of authentic Italian crust, handmade in their open kitchen, with delicious Italian toppings, cooked in their brick oven, and if you’re dining in the addition of a glass of wine or two. We often order a half-meter (yes, that's right, they do half-meter sized pizzas!) with half one topping (such as the Milano), and half of another (such as the Capricciosa), to go, and sit and eat at our favorite nearby popular bar, it's the perfect addition to our night out! Or you can dine out the front of the restaurant if there is space, it' very popular so you may need to wait! For authentic Italian pizza lovers, this is the spot!!!

A hidden gem, with incredible pizzas on Isla Mujeres is Ulan Eatery. This open-air space, located in the island’s southern point of Punta Sur is a new addition to the pizza scene on the island, but we can’t get enough! Open until 8 PM, the smell of their thin crust pizzas, baked in their pizza oven, will have your mouth watering before it has even reached the table. They are topped with wonderfully fresh, and light ingredients, perfect for lunch or an early evening dinner, or even a snack while out exploring. This is a truly gourmet option for pizza, in a lush jungle-like setting, with an art gallery for you to check out. Try their Burrata Cheese pizza, or the Serrano Ham, or the white sauce base Salmon and Onion.

Sonny’s Pizza is a bustling pizza parlor nestled in the main square, in downtown Isla Mujeres. If you've had the pleasure of trying their delectable pizzas, you'll understand the allure that draws in crowds. The demand is so high that we've found ourselves patiently waiting for a table on multiple occasions, a testament to the exceptional quality of their YUMMY pizzas. The pizzas at Sonny’s are not just delicious but also generously portioned, making them perfect for sharing among two or three people. As a family-run establishment, Sonny’s Pizza exudes a warm and welcoming ambiance, reminiscent of a classic Little Italy or New York pizza joint. The walls are adorned with images of iconic Rat Pack figures such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and the charming checkered tablecloths add to the retro vibe. If you're a fan of thin-crust pizzas with inventive and flavorful toppings, then this is the ultimate pizza destination for you. The menu continues to expand, featuring an array of tempting options such as the renowned Lobster Pizza, the nostalgic Grandma’s Italian Meatball Pizza (a personal favorite of ours), the hearty Sonny’s Old School Delux, and more, including an assortment of classic pizzas. When you pay a visit, don't miss out on the opportunity to pair your pizza with a pitcher of their popular sangria for a refreshing extra to your dining experience.

If you’re a fan of live music and cocktails in a cool environment, but also want a pizza to share at the same time, why not check out The Joint? This location with its cool atmosphere, is a reggae bar in Isla Mujeres’ southern area of Punta Sur and has become a great pizza option for those out exploring the island, or those staying in Punta Sur. They started serving pizzas from their brick oven in February 2023, and they offer a pizza menu of pizzas with thin, crispy crusts, as well as fresh and tasty toppings. This is a hidden gem on the pizza scene here on Isla Mujeres and one that we think you should check out. Try the 3 Little Birds, with fresh vegetables covering the pizza, add some pepperoni for even more flavor, or do half and half!

These are just some of our favorites, and there are many more that we haven't even mentioned. Where is your favorite pizza on Isla Mujeres? And which pizza do you usually choose?

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